Your donation can give us the freedom to organize events, to start small campaigns and projects outside of the funding programs we usually depend on.

People say

Be wild and free.

Enjoy the rights that other people fought for for years and years ahead of you. Until we became equals.

Vote and volunteer.

Act like you are part of a community, because you are.

Act like you are part of a society based on respect and tolerance.

Be responsible. Take responsibility for your actions.

Make the right choices.

Take care of the planet and of the people around you.

Yes, perhaps you can do all of the above.

But what happens to those who are not as free as you are now? Who are compelled by their social, economic or educational status and background?

What happens to those whose rights are constantly violated?

What happens to those who are left outside of their communities or societies not because they want to, but simply because they are different?

So donate, we say.

Your donation will give us the freedom to organize events, develop campaigns and small projects outside of the financing programs we usually depend on.

Donate, we say.

This will also give us the opportunity to respond more quickly to certain challenges and to explore more ideas.

Be a partner to non-formal education, invest in human rights and help us go big. Because we really don’t want to go home.

All donations will be centralized in our annual reports. And you will sleep at night knowing that you did something good for this fragmented world we live in. And that would be our thank you note. A better fragmented world put together.

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