Our History

We like to say that A.R.T. Fusion was born out of a desire to make a change and out of passion for Forum Theater.

To be more exact, in 2005, seven young people, motivated to produce a change in the lives of youth and passionate about Forum Theater reunited, in a cellar somewhere in Bucharest, and reached the conclusion that they needed an organization of their own.

They didn’t know much about what NGOs meant in general. They knew for certain that they wanted to produce a change in the community they lived in, that they had discovered the perfect method to do so – Forum Theater, that they wanted other young people to discover it and that they among people they cared for, with whom they shared the determination to change the world.

They wanted to manifest their creativity and to actually make a change. Through Forum Theater they learnt that they can change, improve, create, that they can turn towards the people who need help, that they can create contexts for other young people to grow in.

This is how the A.R.T. Fusion Association (A for Attitude, R for Reality, T for Transformation) – was born, a veritable motor for social and global change, which finds constant resources to fuel itself with energy – even when you may think there’s no more to be found – because the true resource for any energy we may need in A.R.T. Fusion is the huge need for change in the world and the passion of people who strive to MAKE A CHANGE.

A.R.T. Fusion is living proof that the mission of an association, the motivation of its people and their determination in what they do are essential prerequisites for the success of any association of this kind.

When we compare to what we were or wanted to be at the beginning, A.R.T. Fusion has evolved, has transformed, has become strong and has yielded results that motivate us constantly to this day.