What we stand for


Our mission is to create and offer innovative and participatory learning experiences in order for everyone to contribute in a responsible way to the positive transformation of their communities both locally and globally.


Our vision is that of a world where, based on the power of personal example, we can transform the community in which we are living, positively and durably. 


A certain set of core values guide our actions and put the basis of what we do on a daily basis, passionately and with our hearts filled with hope, both internally and in relation with the outside world. 

For us, the most important core values are:



or the way in which the change begins from each of us; from me, from you, from us. We encourage any action that implies getting out of your comfort zone. We are trying as well, individually, to change the things that affect or that are unpleasant for us, as long as this does not involve a negative impact on those around.


The responsibility that reflects our active citizenship both in local and in global contexts.

Care for the people, communities and the planet

we manifest this value through actions that we know of, heard of, read about or pictured in our minds.

Social justice

because even though it might sound utopic, we still aspire to an equitable, just society, where people live in peace, dignity, where there is equal access to opportunities, regardless of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or social status.


a core value that we promote through our projects as well. Our work is based on the belief that all people should have the opportunity of accessing their rights regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, social status, age etc. In addition to this, our organisational culture is about an inclusive environment, and we want to promote this culture in the communities as well.


The transformation we want to be part of through creating meaningful, provocative learning contexts that empower people when it comes to active citizenship and that guides them through social change. Because to us, people are engines of change.