Our Work

Through our activities we create social change, we aim to make those around us more responsible, in order to make them aware of the role they have in society and the fact that they themselves can be actors of change.

You are the engine of change!

Social Responsibility

Once upon a time, we used to feel like we had no power, like we were unable to change the world…

Global Responsibility

We are the generation who lives in the era of globalisation; we are not just Romanian citizens, we…

Theatre of the Oppressed

Don’t be an indifferent spectator. Get involved on the public stage through Theatre of the Oppressed.

Global Education

We are citizens of the world. Let’s find out how we can be responsible towards the planet.

Street Campaigns

The street is a place where action takes place. Have you ever intervened?

Human Library

People are books filled with stories. Read them. Listen to them. Understand them.