We have just published a resource that gives you the proper tools to approach social inclusion and non-discrimination issues.

The toolkit for facilitators that we launched as part of the “InclusiOFF-Let’s Turn It ON!” project, funded through Erasmus+, a program of the European Union, is a collection of methods through which you can approach social inclusion or non-discrimination issues.

This toolkit supports facilitators who want to develop learning processes with people who are new to these topics; it contains a simple but understandable conceptual basis, a series of detailed educational activities and a comprehensive list of additional resources.

In the framework of the social activity, the aim of the project was to develop skills for the development of educational activities to reduce social discrimination and social exclusion among youth workers, as well as skills for them to influence policy changes in the field of social inclusion, at local levels.

The project was implemented between 2020 and 2022 and achieved the following objectives:

  • Strengthening the capacities of 6 youth organizations to effectively and qualitatively address social exclusion in their communities.
  • Creation of a network of over 30 youth workers to address social exclusion through non-formal education and advocacy methods.
  • Developing the skills of over 900 young people to understand and deal with social exclusion in their lives and society.

The material was developed by Andreea-Loredana Tudorache, based on the experience of the project in which we worked with several organizations in Europe: BalkanIdea NOVI SAD (Serbia), Hang-Kép Kulturális Egyesület (Hungary), Sdrujenie “Nadejda-CRD” (Bulgaria), Teatro Metaphora (Portugal) and Udruga Prizma (Croatia), the editing was done by Andreea Oglagea, and the graphics were created by Cristinel Melinte.

The opinions expressed in this material belong to its author, and do not necessarily reflect the position of the European Commission.

The toolkit is available in English and can be consulted/downloaded for free here.