13-16th of October, Cinema Europe

We really wanted the Feminist Film Festival to continue happening every year from now on, to create spaces and contexts for dialogue and to keep figthting for gender equality, together with other feminists or feminist allies, because we believe in change through education.

We are waiting for you between 13th-16th of October, at Cinema Europe, at the MANIFEST edition. Let’s meet for a feminist manifest, see why we still need feminism in 2022, what it means & why it’s important to us.

We continue to organize this festival because we want to explore the issues that both women and men face in patriarchal societies through a selection of films that address topics such as human rights, gender equality & gender-based violence, migration, gender roles , identity and intersectionality.

The selected films are from all over the world, and at the end of the screenings, there will be Q&A sessions and debates, in which the film crews and experts in the field will participate.

This year, the selection of films was made by Iulia Necșulescu & the festival’s organizing team.

The second edition of the Bucharest Feminist Film Festival became possible thanks to the support of the Canadian Embassy, ​​the Bucharest Community Foundation & Bucharest Swimathon, the Spanish Embassy, ​​the French Embassy and the French Cultural Institute, the Austrian Cultural Forum, the Sâmburești Domains, Aqua Carpatica, the FruFru Cooperative, and thanks to you, those who supported us with donations.

Main media partner: Radio Guerilla

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What will the second edition be like?

Accessible. The location where the film screenings will take place, Cinema Europe, also allows the access of people with disabilities or mothers who, perhaps, want to come with their children in strollers.

Open to the international public. All film screenings will have subtitles in both Romanian and English. Also, the Q&As and one of the two debates will also take place in English. In addition to this, all posts on our Social Media accounts are bilingual.

Who’s on the jury?

This year, the jury consists of Ruxandra Ghițescu, Andra Tarara and Ioana Bugarin.

What are the topics we address in the debates?

And at the MANIFEST edition we will have two panels with experts from Romania and directors from outside the borders.

On Saturday, October 15th, we will have the intersectional panel “Make it double” where we talk about gender standards and gender roles.

How much do the expectations and standards that society projects on us influence us? How current and harmful are stereotypes against women, women in positions of power, against Roma people, against queer people, and how big is the pressure for them to be “normal” and live their lives in traditional ways?

If you also wonder how we can fight against these expectations, come and listen to the dialogue between the persons who will participate in the “Against our will” debate, on October 15, from 18:00 to 19:00.

On Sunday, October 16, we will have the second panel, this time in Romanian, where we will talk about the representation of women in politics.

Politics is not for women. Or is it? And if so, why are there so few women in politics? Do we need gender quotas in parliament?

We have the right to be where we want to, but Romania is one of the countries with the fewest women involved in politics in the European Union, and currently, there is only one woman in the Government. Is it just a personal choice or is it more than that? And above all, what is it like to be a woman in politics in 2022?

If you also wonder who represents us and how we can change these things, let’s listen to the dialogue between the guests who will participate in the “Where are the women?” debate, on October 16, from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

What other surprises will you find at the MANIFEST edition?

Take a look around the space at Carol53, and you will be able to explore queer stories, in the framework of the exhibition My story – for the first time, a multimedia exhibition. The stories are illustrated and animated in 3D, translated into AR (augmented reality). They also have audio support, which is why we suggest you bring headphones for the full experience.

Thus, when listening to the 11 stories, you will be able to interact with them. How? The images will begin to move with the help of an application through which they will be scanned. The stories are from people from the LGBTQIA+ community in Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Great Britain. They were structured and written during the storytelling workshop in April, supported by Leo Zbânca. The stories were then transformed into 2D images by the Reniform team.

The stories were exhibited for the first time during Pride TM 2022 in Timișoara. They have now taken the form of a traveling exhibition.

This year’s second exhibition can be seen right in the lobby of Cinema Europe, before and after the screenings. We won’t tell you what it is, but we expect you to discover it.

Here you can find and download the complete program for the entire duration of this edition.

You can buy a pass for all four days of the festival or tickets for each day here. If you are a student you can benefit from a 50% discount on the subscription for the 4 days of the festival by entering the discount code Stayinschool50. Entry will be based on a proof (student card or student ID).

We can’t wait to see you (again)!