The aim of this project is to bring the 2030 Agenda to the forefront of public and political discourses by raising awareness and empowering young Europeans to advocate for individual and collective action, at local and European levels, regarding the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Understanding and awareness of the Agenda2030 for Sustainable Development remains low among the population, which makes tracking progress and keeping governments accountable extremely difficult. At the same time, the prevailing narrative on youth participation is that young people are generally apathetic, less interested in politics and active citizenship. However, the nature and scope of participation is rapidly changing and evolving, with a rise of global youth movements over the past years. Following a crisis, there is an opportunity to reinvent our social models and enhance collaboration for building a more sustainable Europe. The project plans to do this by bringing Agenda2030 to the forefront of public and political discourse by raising awareness and empowering European youth to advocate for individual and collective action, locally and at European level.

The ”Future we Want” project plans to train a team of 45 young people to become Street and Advocacy Campaigners on sustainable development and Agenda2030 (through an online and offline training course). These young people will then develop and

implement, with the support of the project team, a large-scale European Online Campaign and a Transnational Caravan that will visit and implement campaigns in 17 cities across Europe and that will culminate with a two-day event in Brussels, where young people will organise street actions and meet with decision makers to present the Youth Manifesto, a vision of the future developed by collecting information and ideas from the youth on the ground in the 17 locations.

The project has a snowball effect impact: 45 young people will be trained and empowered and will then mobilise and engage a minimum 10000 young people offline and 20000 online, who will then have their voices heard by decision makers nationally and at EU level, which will lead to more urgent action on Agenda2030 for Sustainable Development.

This project is implemented through the financial support of the European Youth Together program, a program of the European Commission.


  • ALDA – European Association for Local Democracy – France;
  • BalkanIDEA Novi Sad – Serbia;
  • Associazione CReA Onlus – Italy;
  • Finnish Peace Committee – Finland;
  • Sloga – Slovenia;
  • Eine Welt Netz NRW e.V. – Germany;
  • Teatro Metaphora – Portugal;
  • Eclosio – Belgium.