The Future we Want

Through this project, we contribute to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

EFDI – Ecological Future Diverse and Inclusive

Through this project, we are creating learning opportunities for people living with disabilities.

Future through Action

“We work together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe.”

Future through action

This project is centered around the development of personal and professional skills for adopting a sustainable lifestyle.

Animate the global change

This project offered young workers in European and African countries the opportunity to explore global issues in more depth.

Differences Challenge Assumptions

The project addresses the impact of globalization, increasing migration, cultural change, the development of subcultures, lack of policy coherence.

You are part of this world, be part of its future

The project brought together six NGOs from six different countries, which have experience in global education and together have reached over 6000 direct beneficiaries.

World’s future in your actions

This project was created in the context of the need for North-South cooperation between civil society youth structures, where exchanges of practices and joint initiatives do not receive enough support.

Training for nature

Training for Nature provided participants with a holistic understanding of the unity and interdependence of human society and the natural environment.

School for life

This project has addressed disadvantaged categories to help youth in their career guidance.