Super FEM

Through this project, we bring female presenting experiences closer to the public eye.

Rewrite: Gender Narratives in the Media

Through this project, we contribute to the formation of the next generation of media creators so that they are sensitive towards the gender dimension.

Let’s talk about gender, baby!

Through this project, we contribute to the formation of youth workers & NGOs to tackle gender equality related issues.

The Future we Want

Through this project, we contribute to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

RECAP – Recovering inclusion through Creativity After Pandemic

Through this project, we contribute to the social reintegration of young people after the pandemic.

EFDI – Ecological Future Diverse and Inclusive

Through this project, we are creating learning opportunities for people living with disabilities.

The Dialogue of Change

Through this project, we are creating a dialogue between young people and authorities.

The Future is Equal

Working together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe.

Future through Action

“We work together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe.”

The Other Perspective

This project involves creating a space for sharing good practices and experiences between youth organizations on two continents, in the field of LGBTQ + rights activism through the Human Library method.

Forum Theatre- as a tool to stimulate civic involvement

Through this project that uses the Forum Theater method, the topic of human rights and gender (in)equality was addressed.

Future through action

This project is centered around the development of personal and professional skills for adopting a sustainable lifestyle.

InclusiOFF – Let’s turn it ON

The main aim of the project is to empower youth workers and young people to be competent in tackling social exclusion.

Books without covers

Through this method of non-formal education, we deconstruct stereotypes and prejudices.

Theatre for Diversity

This project is centered around the Newspaper Theatre method, aiming to invite reflection on social issues and how they are presented in the media.

Using theatre to make politics

“Using Theater to Make Politics” is a project aimed at empowering six youth organizations to increase the level of civic participation and involvement of young people in various democratic and policy-making processes.

You are the engine of change

This project stimulated the development of a multiplier network of the Theater of the Oppressed in different regions of Europe and Africa.

Together for a better life

The contribution of the project to the achievement of the objective will be achieved by reducing the number of people at risk of poverty in the marginalized community of Vărăști.

Embody Change

The project allows participants to work internationally by developing their skills in accordance with the trainers' international competence model.

Through the Lens of the Other

The project aims to contribute to the formation of a tolerant, marginalized and oppressed European society.

Animate the global change

This project offered young workers in European and African countries the opportunity to explore global issues in more depth.

Differences Challenge Assumptions

The project addresses the impact of globalization, increasing migration, cultural change, the development of subcultures, lack of policy coherence.

Start the engine of change in your community

The low level of civic participation of young people from disadvantaged areas was the issue addressed in the project, in order to increase the degree of civic participation.

You are part of this world, be part of its future

The project brought together six NGOs from six different countries, which have experience in global education and together have reached over 6000 direct beneficiaries.

World’s future in your actions

This project was created in the context of the need for North-South cooperation between civil society youth structures, where exchanges of practices and joint initiatives do not receive enough support.

Training for nature

Training for Nature provided participants with a holistic understanding of the unity and interdependence of human society and the natural environment.

Be part of diversity!

The message of the project was to respect human rights, diversity and to deconstruct prejudice.

School for life

This project has addressed disadvantaged categories to help youth in their career guidance.

Preparing People for a Better Future

This project addresses the need for support from the school community to provide a quality education, support for the diversification of teaching methods, for improving relationships with students and parents.

Together for a better community

This project contributed to bringing together the relevant actors (citizens and institutions) in a common direction for local development.

Global Education, closer to people -test

The weekend of 21-22nd of November was great

In the Footsteps of a Migrant

This project brings a tool to challenge and combat stereotypes, racism, xenophobia and polarization in European societies.

Don’t play by their rules. Or roles.

Do you play by their rules? Or roles? How do you support those who refuse to?