Our team

Andreea Oglagea

Andreea is executive director within A.R.T. Fusion and one of the Bucharest Feminist Film Festival organizers.

Having recently returned to Romania after 6 years spent abroad, I found my place in the A.R.T. Fusion team in December 2018, managing two European projects for young people. I completed my studies in International Relations and Migration in the United Kingdom, where I also worked with the Red Cross in London and volunteered both within my university and abroad, in Tunisia and Egypt. Before deciding to return home, I worked in an organisation in Paris, developing and managing European projects, and in a foreign language school in Cairo. When I am not in the office, you can find me attending classes of the SNSPA Master's of Public Policy and European Integration, taking part in trainings and workshops within the Program 3 of the Active Citizens Fund or organising actions with the Global Shapers Hub Bucharest. The remaining time I like to spend travelling, rediscovering Romania and reading.

Alex Tomescu

Facilitator in Forum Theater and a multiplier of methods for developing and implementing street campaigns.

I have been volunteering constantly for the past 2 years and I plan to continue this even now when I am part of the A.R.T. Fusion team. Before getting here, I had numerous jobs, from interview operator for marketing and research companies to bartender in the Old City Center for a couple of years, from tourism agent for 3 months to cashier in Cora supermarket for a day, to event, concert, festival production assistant at Star Education Association until 1 month ago. Professionally, I graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies, Cybernetics Department. I am also a facilitator in Forum Theater, second generation, and multiplier of methods for developing and implementing street campaigns (the methods are: Image Theater, Street Theater, street animation, Living Library etc). In my free time I like to glide, hike and swim.

Antonia Pîslariu

Antonia is project coordinator.

Antonia came to A.R.T. Fusion in early 2023 after graduating from law school at
Bucharest. Her passion for human rights began in adolescence, when she began volunteering in different organizations. During college, this passion only grew, and at
end of it, the most logical step was to turn to an NGO that focuses on social inclusion. "I am concerned with any subject related to gender equality, social and climate justice.''

Narcis Calotescu

Narcis is project assistant.

Political Science graduate - from SNSPA - with a master's degree in Applied Sociology: deviance and social order. The main topics of interest are: respect for human rights, equality of opportunity and gender equality, social justice and global accountability.
During the faculty, I wrote articles for the website stirieuropene.ro and was a field operator
for conducting opinion polls in Bucharest. In addition to this, I worked as an assistant
manager in a Romanian start-up, and now I am an assistant on 2 projects within A.R.T.
Fusion: The Future is Equal & Future through Action.

Monica Tudorache

Monica is communications & advocacy coordinator and one of the Bucharest Feminist Film Festival organizers.

Curious dreamer. Feminist, activist for human rights.
A string of words. Because this is what I do here, I write down a lot of words to tell you about the wonders of the arfusionsists’ world. I love writing stories about people, and I am in charge of the organisational communication, just to let you know about who and how brings magic within communities.
I believe in change, so I went to the Faculty of Political Science within the University of Bucharest, thinking that I can learn how to change the world after three years of studying. At the end of those three years, I realised that I need two more within a master’s program, Policies of equal opportunities within both Romanian and European contexts. Further on, I want to apply for a pHd, within the same faculty, because I am passionate about issues such as active citizenship, or bottom up changes.
This is why I work within non-governmental organizations, trying to be as active as I possibly can, to lend a helping hand to strengthening the Romanian (civil) society. For the last year, I have been a gender equality expert at Necuvinte Association, I have participated to the courses of the #trillenials program, I have been volunteering, went on trips on rivers with my head in the clouds and came back home every time, in Bucharest, the city I have been in love with since forever. Maybe because of its mysterious, complicated streets. Other great loves of my life are the sea and the words. And my favorite words are still those about how I want to change the world.

Andreea-Loredana Tudorache

Andreea is a board member & a trainer in international projects.

I am a traveller with a nomad, free soul! I have developed certain skills through collaborating with a lot of organisations and networks of civil society on 3 continents ever since 2003. I have had different roles: I have been a volunteer for any necessary task, I have been a facilitator, a coordinator, provided consultancy etc and all this experience also reflects my work at A.R.T. Fusion at the moment. I am one of the founding members and I am now involved in the strategic development of the association, in conceiving projects ideas, project writing and developing support educational tools for our local or international projects. The themes and actions areas that are very close to my heart are Global Education, the Oppressed Theater methods, street campaigns, critical thinking, diversity in all its forms and intercontinental cooperation.

Carmen Marcu

Carmen is the president of the organization.

I am a direct person, but with humor, I always offer creative ideas, good advice and I like learning experiences. That's what I did at the association, I learned. I am a founding member and President of the A.R.T. Fusion since 2005. I contributed to the management of the organization by: writing and implementing projects, attracting funds, organizational development and strategies, representation, developing Forum Theater manuals and visibility materials. I bring with me 16 years of experience in the non-governmental field, having concerns in promoting good practices in volunteering (national and international), developing projects and standards for corporate volunteering, delivering training on various topics (non-formal education, forum theater, project writing, volunteer management, coaching and mentoring for youth, training of youth workers) and organizational management consulting. I studied Psychology and then Managerial Communication and Human Resources. I held the position of Communication Director at Pro Vobis - NRCV and I was Vice President of the Federation VOLUM. I also had the chance to work in the administrative field, being for one year an advisor to the Secretary of State for Youth Policies within the Ministry of Youth and Sports. I am currently a trainer in the ERASMUS + and ESC network in Romania, and involved in various consulting and development projects in education, volunteering and youth. I strongly believe that the change through the theater of the oppressed is profound and that people can empower themselves when they are supported to take action.Since then, things have evolved naturally, from coordinating projects and programs to coordinating the association. After finishing the 4-year "mandate" from the role of the Executive Director, from September 2020, I remained close to the association and with direct involvement in certain projects.
As a formal educational path, I graduated NSPAS (the National School of Political and Administrative Studies), the Faculty of Political Sciences, specialized in Sociology and the Master of Politics, Gender and Minorities, also within the NSPAS.

Roxana Turcu

Roxana is a collaborator.

I have discovered my passion for social change over 12 years ago in A.R.T. Fusion, where I have been active at first as an employee, and then as an associated board member and enthusiastic supporter of the team. One of my great passions is to create learning contexts that approach the body, the mind and the heart through diverse contemplative and non-formal educational methods. I have developed a wellbeing program for people from NGOs that combine in innovative ways concepts such as: body moving, ways to orient towards nature and other experimental educational methods. I love being there for people who want to make a change, step by step, guiding people and groups through a process of personal exploration.
I am a graduate of a European master’s program in Advanced Development in Social Work and I am happy to be part of the Lifelong Dalai Lama Fellows community, after following the program organized by the Contemplative Sciences Center of the University of Virginia in the USA.

Ana-Maria Ilie

Ana is trainer & collaborator.

I have been in contact with A.R.T. Fusion since 2011 and since then we have not separated. I started as a volunteer promoting the European Voluntary Service program and joined other events and projects organized by the association. In March 2013 I took one step further and started an internship on the 2% campaign. The end of the internship culminated with my employment in A.R.T. Fusion.
Since then, things have evolved naturally, from coordinating projects and programs to coordinating the association. After finishing the 4-year "mandate" from the role of the Executive Director, from September 2020, I remained close to the association and with direct involvement in certain projects.
As a formal educational path, I graduated NSPAS (the National School of Political and Administrative Studies), the Faculty of Political Sciences, specialized in Sociology and the Master of Politics, Gender and Minorities, also within the NSPAS.

Raluca Mareș

Raluca is project coordinator.

Since 2010, I have called myself a volunteer, a title that I wanted to achieve more than passing my final exams in high school. I started my activity as a volunteer of the A.G.L.T. NGO, where I developed skills as a socio-educational animator. Since then, working with children has gained a major place in my activity, defining my work. A.R.T. Fusion arrived after 7 years of active volunteering, putting me in the position of communication coordinator. I create graphics tools for A.R.T. Fusion and keep the social pages updated. I am a future social worker, passionate about this field and the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work. I am also working with children from different areas: villages, schools, cities. In the summer I am always traveling, in the winter and the rest of the time I enjoy Romania and discover everything that is connected with nature. The adrenaline and the sky give me confidence and the theatre plays inspire me.

Victoria Carasava

Victoria is project coordinator.

I have been volunteering in the field of human rights since I was 15 years old in NGOs based in Romania and the UK. Two years ago, I took the big step and I was officially employed in the NGO sector in Romania. Until recently, I coordinated mainly projects about combating hate speech in the Romanian online, and now I am excited to expand my work area.
After completing my studies in international political economy, I began to look at human rights through the lenses of social justice and left my opinions and work informed by intersectional and intergenerational approaches. I hope that when I try to solve a problem, I don't end up creating others. I work with passion on everything related to feminism, the environment and the fight against poverty.

Cristina Stan

Cristina is a collaborator.

Cristina was Project Coordinator at A.R.T. Fusion from 2008 to 2011. After this year she flew to British lands where he continued to work with various International Non-Governmental Organizations. She graduated from SNSPA, the Faculty of Political Sciences and the Master in the same faculty of the Master of Politics, Gender and Minorities. He has over 10 years experience in Project Management in the NGO and corporate environment, in various fields such as Arts, IT, Media and Advertising. Currently, Cristina is involved in the association as a board member with experience, like consultant in different projects.